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My name is Jim R. McClanahan, and I am a U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper-turned-college graduate with a degree in Anthropology and minors in Chinese and art history. I’m a big fan of the great 16th-century Chinese Classic Journey to the West. This blog will serve as an archive for my research into the historical, religious, and folklore origins of the novel.

Many of these articles were originally posted on my external blog [the link currently doesn’t work as the personal blogs have yet to be migrated over to the new servers by the site admins] on the historum website. The earlier entries are based on posts I’ve made on a Sun Wukong fan page on Facebook. The original posts were made in order to enlighten those who have surely read and enjoyed the novel but may not know about its many influences.

Check back for updates to older articles.